Gatling Finance Official Announcement:

Gatling Finance
1 min readFeb 26, 2021


Dear all community users, on the occasion of the Lantern Festival, the Gatling development team would like to extend our sincere wishes to all users who have received the announcement, and wish all Gatling community

Gatling Finance is committed to building Heco’s first fully DAO project. According to the proposal of community volunteers, after careful evaluation, and also to thank the majority of GTLT users for their persistent support, we have made V2.1 official upgrade adjustments.

1) the total number of mines to contractually adjust the destruction of 50% of the proportion of GTLT, and synchronize the audit as well as HecoScan can be verified.

2) add LP farming weights proportion, APY data to be adjusted.

3)Cancel the GTLT single token staking limit.

4)Carry out the second phase of Telegram and other social media community volunteer recruitment cooperation.

5)Conducting Q2 phase evaluation deployment (already done)

The above upgrade adjustment will be completed within 72 hours, and Gatling Finance will conduct the 3day event of Lantern Festival. Please refer to the official event poster for details, and we promise to distribute the rewards within one week after the event day.