Gatling Finance product has completed front-end basic optimization

After the launch of Gatling Finance V2 version, we have completed optimizing all basic functions according to the community feedback suggestions.
1. optimization of wallet event listening logic for authorization, pledge, redemption, and revenue collection.
2. fixing the number of “MAX” button reads in the LP pool authorization pledge operation.
3. normal update of APY for LP pools on mobile and PC.
4. front-end interaction optimization for authorization, pledge, redemption and revenue collection.
5. Optimize the loading speed of mining records on “My Page”.

In addition, the Gatling Finance development team said that the Q1 phase of development work has been completed and 400,000 tokens at disposal have been destroyed, all token allocation addresses have been publicized, liquidity is provided by the community and will be increased or decreased, Gatling Finance is committed to completing a fully autonomous community DeFi project.



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