Gatling Finance Targets Heco Bullseye, Sparking New DeFi 2.0 Bull Market

Huobi enters the game, Heco triggers the DeFi wave

Huobi launched Huobi ECO Chain (hereinafter referred to as “Heco”) and announced the establishment of a $200 million Heco Ecological Fund to support the projects of Huobi Open Platform and Huobi ECO Chain. As the first product launched by Huobi Open Platform, Huobi ECO Chain adopts HPos consensus mechanism, with TPS up to 500+ and block out time 3s, and is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on the basis of supporting high-performance transactions, which is more friendly to Ethereum.

Gatling Finance is based on Heco, creating the next “YFI”

As a decentralized passive investment platform for composite assets, Gatling Finance has successfully seized the opportunity to become the first DeFi Vault application on the Huobi ecosystem, locking the core target and hitting the bull’s eye!

Gatling Finance and Heco grow together and complement each other

Gatling Finance will cooperate deeply with several projects in Heco ecology, with richer revenue models and product forms, realize smart contracts and on-chain intelligent monitoring, automatically select higher-yielding investment targets for investors, and improve the efficiency of Gas usage, so that users do not need to actively manage their funds, nor do they need to suffer from asset volatility exposure to obtain higher revenue reporting.



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