Gatling Finance V2 relaunch solution

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2 min readJan 30, 2021


Gatling Finance V2 relaunch solution

In response to the incident on January 29th of Gatling Finance Q1 phase, the development team, after repeated arguments and listening to many suggestions and proposals from the community, now has the following solutions.

i: Gatling Finance relaunch

After re-evaluation by the technical team, we will relaunch Gatling Finance V2 version at 20:00 on February 1, 2021, replacing the GTL token contract and resubmitting the audit, opening all the compound functions of the V1 of the pool, with the original parameters ratio unchanged.

ii: V1 version snapshot & mapping.

In order to ensure the feasibility of the implementation of Gatling Finance V2 version, to protect the healthy operation of the composite mining pool after the start of V2, and to exclude potential hidden factors of V1 version, it is decided that the Gatling Finance V1 version minting token GTL at block height 1659226 (corresponding time HKT 2021–01–29 06:00:01 ) All accounts before 1:1 snapshot, V2 version re-minted, and GTL V2 contract address announced and mapped at 14:00 on 2020–2–1, as the only functional token used in V2 version, the original V1 version token GTL has no connection with Gatling Finance V2 version since the announcement.

iii: un-snapshot address complaint

Users who have not taken a snapshot before the official announcement of stopping make transactions on MDEX from 06:01 on January 29 to 08:20 on January 29 can fill out the form for manual channel appeals, and we will manually exclude non-normal user addresses and then conduct manual mapping of normal user addresses.

iv: v1 sinking fund processing

In January 29 06:01 to January 29 08:20 to add the liquidity pool during the 15,820 USDT plus an additional 12,500 USDT a total of 28,320.2436 USDT full amount into the V2 version of the initial liquidity pool, and retain the HASH address announced.

v: V2 version token allocation

The original V1 version distribution plan remains unchanged, the initial liquidity pool 500,000 tokens, will be destroyed after the construction of the initial liquidity pool, and give the normal address of MDEX transactions between January 29 06:01 and January 29 08:20 artificial appeal end (time period of one week), all remaining tokens (approximately equal to 400,000 tokens) into the black hole address.

vi: compound mining pool open

On February 1, 20:00 (HKT) will soon open the V2 version of the composite mining pool function, the original V1 version of all the supported tokens and weighting ratio remains unchanged, and the pre-LP liquidity providers to airdrop rewards.

The final interpretation of the above scheme is at the discretion of Gatling Finance V2 development team.

Gatling Finance V2 Development Team

January 30, 2021 18:05