To all Gatling Finance community members:

Gatling Finance
2 min readFeb 1, 2021


Thanks to the community for working together, we are officially entering the Gatling Finance V2 version with the following standard information:

  1. Version V2 Token
    The only functional token in V2 version is GTL Token, GTLT for short. the only contract address is:


2) GTLT mapping before 06:01 on January 29th Mapping is in progress, conservative time is one hour, please add the above contract address at the latest at 15:00 in support of heco wallet to check.

3) V2 version development team does not provide any liquidity pool, V1 version deposited 28300U will be tonight at 20:00 for a period of one week depending on the depth of the LP pool to play the full amount of the liquidity pool and announced Hash

4) manual complaints as of today 14:00 registration deadline, according to Gatling Finance V1 version of the official announcement several times, only obliged to accept the standard announcement time January 29 08:20 before all MDEX buy tokens users, the other 29 users depending on the specific audit material, the audit cycle for a week, issued as a unified issue.

5) V1 version 400,000 liquidity tokens destruction
After the end of the mapping, the heco black hole destruction will be carried out before 15:00 pm.

Gatling Finance V2 development team
February 1, 2021 14:00 (HKT)